Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Mind's All Over the Place

You know how people need their alone time every now and then. Well it seems that ever since uni's over, and my boyfriend has left, i get too much ''alone time''. I'm not complaining, i don't mind it at all.. I still see and meet people, just not as often. And this causes me to over-think everything... Every random thing that comes to my mind is chewed up three billion times. Spit out. And then chewed all over again, just from a different angle. My head's gone loco. Haha.

Time to sleep now. Work tomorrow...and maybe some partying, it's Friday after all. ;))

Oh, and i have to figure out what's up with buying/not buying that typewriter. ;D

Buenas noches.
God natt.
Ar labu nakti.
Good night.

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