Thursday, 4 August 2011

You'll never know the truth

Here it goes, something that can not be explained, and can not be fully understood. We shall dance till the morning light. We shall kiss as the sun comes up. We shall stay together from the moment the light is off. But then when it will be bright again, i'll be gone. You can not expect me to stay. You can dream, and hope, but you'll  always know that the sunlight will bring us apart.

Stay, and enjoy this night. We can watch a movie, or two. We could turn the music up, or take a cold shower.. together of course. We could make babies, small tiny babies. We could bake cakes. You like cakes, don't you? How about a chocolate one? We could break my one and only umbrella and then go jogging in the rain. We'd go bare foot, just because you would have forgotten how to tie your shoe laces. We'd wash the streets with imaginary love. We would dream small dreams, and make them look big. We could knit in different colours and patterns. Don't worry, i'd show you how. We could trace back our history to ancient times, and find out which king or queen could be an ancerstor of yours or mine. It's us, just the two of us all night long.  Like a one night stand you would have me, and i would have you. We would take it all, and then part as very good friends. The difference being that we would never see each other again. Maybe in the deepest dreams, the ones you forget the second you open your eyes in the morning. That's it: it will all seem like a sweet dream. We will be together, but then the sun will rise.

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