Thursday, 13 October 2011


I had a dream that they built a lighthouse in the middle of nowhere inSpain. It was well known that such thing would be done, but nobody knew why. It was up to me, a non-government inteligence agencies best fish to find out what was up with this thing. The light house had high security and no one could get in. The gate hadn't opened once since it was created. All the construction workers who were working on it had dissapeared out of country. As I was digging to find out anything about this mystery, I came across many wornings saying that I should stay away from investigation. However, I kept searching. I found out that this lighthouse was plotted by the US governemt. Though when I contacted certain individuals they had no idea what I was questioning about. Soon I found out that there were three other such misterious cases. One lighthouse had been built in mid Peru in a small town. Another one was located in North Russia. And the third one was in Pakistan in a city that had about the same population as the small town in Peru. I looked for patterns of the four locations. Only one was found, they all are located the same amount of kilometers from an ocean.


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