Friday, 14 October 2011

Dream 2

I have no idea why lately I've been having very vivid dreams. They feel like reality. Plus some minutes ago I watched the movie Inception where Leonardo di Caprio is playing lead. It's a movie about dreams, and dreams within dreams. I bet I'll get lost in my tonight's dream world. Not only are my dreams very vivid, they are also full of fiction, fantacy fiction. It's the type of stuff that I would very rarely read or watch. Last night's dream was about saving the world from the future. Basicaly the story was set a few years from now. The plot was that people from the future have come to destroy the earth because of how it looks like in the future. Aparently about a hundred or so years from now the world will look like a doomed land that has nothing humane left on it. We will be living amongst our own rubish. People will be fighting for clean air and water. It all seemed paradoxal since they could come to the past and try to kill us where as they could have gone to an even further past and get all the necessary resources they need. But I suppose it was strictly prohibited. Imagine bringing molecules from the past to the future. There would either be the same molecule twice, or there would be only one of that molecule (which would, in that case be only in the future)... It comes out to be very complex (in my mind), so I can't really explain it.

Anyway, I'll try to keep up with remembering my dreams. I find it fun. Plus it gives me ideas what to write about. These dreams feed my imagination (or vice verca).

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