Friday, 14 October 2011

How We See the World

Would you like to see the world from a totally different view point. It's much more different than writing a book from an other characther's view. Imagine everything you see day-to-day being seen in a different light. Guess what, there are about seven billion different lights to see the world in. We all see things like nobody else. That how we see things shapes what we are. It is the definition of our id, ego and super igo. It is the thing that creates our personality. It determines where we place a line that we should never cross. For You, your light is much in the same frequency as of the people around you. It is in a similar hue of colour as your friends, family and people who live in your town or city. It's even more so similar to your authority figures, such as (already mentioned) parents, teachers, your favourite quotation authors..etc. But there is no one who has the same perspective on things as you do. Even if you have an identical twin, the way you see the world is not the same. Our view is a collection of different values that we grow up with and we enforce them as we grow older. The thing is that we belive in them. And if we ever question our view...well, it's a part of what you are, in this case an unsure individual.

What it comes down to is that You can never fully understand what another person is trying to tell you. Becuase no matter how they tell things, you will see it all from a different point of view. You will construct the truth using different puzzle pieces. Or should I say, you'll be using the same puzzle pieces, but putting them together in a totally different pattern. Even your approach of how you will put the puzzle together will be different.

All I really wanted to say is that one should never judge anyone.

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