Monday, 2 January 2012


I've stepped back. Last year at this very same time i was at a very different place. Now i'm at the bottom of the wheel of fortune. I'm not sure if it's my foult, or it's the society to blame. What's the difference anyway? So many things have happened since the begining of 2011, some good ones, but all in all the sad ones over-weigh the positive things. I've lost my mind several times, i've lost everything i ever had. I feel like the only leaf left on a bare tree branch. I feel like i've betrayed myself. There is thit constant pain in me that screams that i could have done better. I need a change. I need a turning point. I need an epiphany, one that is WAY outside the box. One that no other being has come up with. I need a change that will kill all the sad bacteria that's growing inside of me. I need a vaccine, a pill that would take me away from this madness. I need to open my eyes. I need to change my attitude. I need a plan. Not a plan, but a simple outline for the year.

Basically i want things to be different, i.e. anything BUT how it has been last year.

Happy new year everyone.

What's your new years resolution?

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