Saturday, 7 April 2012

Is it in You?

This might seem odd to you that I say this now, after having had this blog, for say, for quite a while now, but here it goes. I have decided that I will write. Writing will be my THING. You know when you're out and about people ask You, what do you do. And from now on my one definite answer will be that I write. I write. As of this emerges my thing for April. I have decided on one thing so far. I can not revile it to you, as I still remain a secretive person. However I can tell you that, if everything goes as planned, then my One-Thing-a-Month for April will be something related to writing.

Wish me luck and endurance, as I'm sure I'll need both. ;)

Happy Easter to everyone celebrating it.
Have a great evening, bye.

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