Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Join the Party!

As it turns out vine is my happy drink.

I went to my poker-monday last night, and for the first tine at that bar I had vine. Despite the fact that I lost, I was happy all night long. A very fun night.

But what I really wanted to write is the fun of coincidences. You see, yesterday I was wearing this very cute dark green sweater/top, and then I put on a very neat necklace that looked very good with the sweater due to some matching colours. So I was playing poker and at one point i realized that I was wearing the top that my mom got for me from when she was in Italy, and the necklace that I was wearing was the one that my dad had gotten for me from when he was in Italy just very recently. I know it doesn't seem like anything to you. But i believe it's a very odd coincidence.

Meanwhile, I just keep writing. ;)

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