Monday, 7 May 2012


I feel empty. As a bottle of a drunkard, as a hot desert, as a Christmas tree when the season is over. I feel like things could be different. I feel as if things should not be the way they are. I think some people assume that I'm strong, but really I'm just a weakling. They over-estimate me, and think that I am a wall of bricks that can take anything and never fall. What they do not know is that all that is left of me is a pile of debris. Every day I act. I carefully step on the stage and act out my role. Some days I'm the boring character that fills in the space. Other days I'm the lead, and everything is on my shoulders. There are day's when I am to be a lover, a lady, a partner. I also wear the mask of ugly, tired and mean. I follow a simple scenario, and that's how every day goes by. But they really should know that acting sometimes isn't so easy. There are times when I want the curtain to close and the lights to dim down so I can simply cry out the tears that dwell in my eyes.

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