Monday, 4 June 2012

Estimated Damage

Friday night I went to a friend's place. He was celebrating that her flat mate (also ex-girlfriend) had moved out. We ended up having a few drinks and playing table games (yeah, actual table games). most of us were up almost the entire night. Anyway, I stayed the night there, and then during the day I had finally gotten home. I was so tired that I locked up my bike downstairs, as I had done some times before. Sunday morning I had a bad gut-feeling. The moment I woke up I went straight to the window to peek at my bike. And then I was that the back wheel was up, and somehow shoved into the bushes. Then I decided that I should leave timely for work, just in case I'll have to walk. And right I was, the seat had been taken off the bike.

Once I got home from work I took the bike upstairs. I had also gotten the seat back, Kaspars saw that it was outside in the grass. Well, here is the full list of what the hooligans have done:
  • Pulled of the seat 
  • Took apart the brakes 
  • Turned around the light reflector 
  • Changed the speeds around 
  • Kicked about the wheels 
  • Punctured the tires 
  • Destroyed the lock

I got this bike for 30 pounds. Don't know if I should sell this one, give it away, or try to fix it, or just get a new one.

AND, YES, I do blame myself for leaving the bike outside. However, I am raging that people would just destroy someone else's property just for the sake of it. I secretly wish someone had rather stolen it. Because then there would at least be some use of it.

Life is life. Blah.

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