Sunday, 12 August 2012


Isn't the entire life just one big gamble? I bet anyone would agree. You can't really know what life could offer you next. Sometimes you get some good cards, and you can go all-in in almost any situation with little, if any, risk. Other times you just gotta play your life with the cards that you get. You can either fold all the time, or you can play with what you get. There come times when you have to gamble when chances of "winning" are slim. There are times when the chances of winning slide right down, making your winning chances even lower. But the thing is that you really need to gamble. You will lose, and you will win. It just takes practice to learn from losses and from the wins. It takes skills, all sorts of skills to be able to bring the luck towards you. So really, life is not always about luck and chances. It's about playing. One once said, "You can't win if you don't play." There, so go and play the game called life. ;) Go all-in, fold, play, bluff....what ever you do do, remember that we all die anyway, so there isn't really a way to win this.
Just enjoy the game, gamers.

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