Friday, 17 August 2012

The Hunger Games

Most people have probably heard about the hunger games; if not the book, then definitely the movie. I just finished watching the movie. The movie was directed by Gary Ross (the guy who also produced and co-wrote the Seabiscuit (2003)). As al had most any other movie that is based on a book, it had quite a few scenes missing, and some characters were cut out as well. But all in all the movie was enjoyable.
I have read all three parts of Suzanne Collin's Hunger Games ("The Hunger Games," "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay"). The trilogy was a sure easy read and I tackled them in no time. I kept flipping page after page, eager to find out what new, unexpected events will excite me. It was something out of the ordinary, and if you ask me, it was definitely a commentary on our way of living. When I was reading these books some time ago, I remember there were lines that exactly proved my point. And now that I have gone back to find it, here it is. Keep in mind that the story of The Hunger Games is set in the future. Geographically it is based in what we now now as North America, the USA, to be precise. The quotation comes from the last book where the... oh wait, I don't want to spoil things for people who haven't read the books yet. So here it goes:
Frankly, our ancestors have nothing to brag about. I mean, look at the state they left us in, with the wars and the broken planet. Clearly, they didn't care about what would happen to the people who came after them. (p.99)
Some food for thoughts my friends.
Now back to the movie. The actress playing the main character, Katniss Everdeen, (Jennifer Lawrence) did an all right job. Clearly it was not how I saw it in my mind while reading, but it was fairly close. She had the most important characteristics that I noticed in the novel, that was braveness and bluntness. There were two characters that took me by surprise in the movie, they had been portrayed almost exactly like I had imagined them in my mind. First it was Effie Trinklet, she appeared with the blue everything. When I was reading about this character I felt like it was so over board, but then I got used to it. And later we learn that everyone in the Capitol (The 'capital' part of the country) dress like clowns, vaguely speaking. Then the second character that impressed me, and reminded me of the character that was described in the book was Peeta Mellark. He was just the boy I remembered, a cute, but in some way so confident young lad. Peeta's character made me enjoy the movie in a very different light, like watching from a whole new perspective, a simpler one, one that has very little meaning and underlying messages. He represented a simple story with no useless extensions.

Anywho, if You have not read the trilogy, I suggest you do. As I said, it is an easy read and is loaded with exciting turn of events.

Good night.

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