Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I've Lost My Superpowers

It seems that I have lost my superpowers. I have looked everywhere for them, but can't seem to find them. Looked in all shelves, in all drawers, behind walls, all secret places, checked it on google. Of course I also went through the city, looked into every brick, in case they were hiding in there.

Honestly, this has never happened before, I tried calling them, but they wont pick up. Should I make a MISSING poster and place it across the city? Should I notify the police? Has anyone had such accident before? Suggestions?

Meanwhile I have to live a regular life, like the most of you do. Sad.

BUT if you stumble upon my superpowers, do not use them, as you will only put yourself and others in danger. Consider yourself warned!
Instead, return them to me where they rightfully belong. 

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