Monday, 4 August 2014

The Woman Without a Shadow

Today I saw a woman without a shadow. She was wearing a purple summer dress. It had a charming flower pattern, and was tied with a thin belt around her waist. She looked nothing but beautiful. As I was in a hurry to where-ever human might be in a rush to, she passed right by me. I would assume she had to be running, the speed was unnatural. But no, she danced by me in a silent melody, almost as if flying by in a plane. She had wings, I believe. How else would you explain that this woman had no shadow?
As I hurried down the side of the road, for that moment I had forgotten where I was going or why I was headed there. I could not stop wonder - what a mystery!
She had a smile of a wild berry. Her cheeks were so pale that for a moment I thought there was snow in summer. Her cute short hair made her look a bit like Amélie. But her eyes were in flames. It was difficult to compute if she was mad as a hurricane or full of pure joy. Her lips were so thin, you could barely tell she had any, they were in a wicked arc, but almost a straight horizontal line. Could not tell if that was a smile or grin.
The moment passed, she had flown passed me in a second. And as I kept up with my pace, there was no way in catching her. There was no way to stop her just for a flash to ask her: "where did your shadow go?"

But then, maybe she never had a shadow, maybe she always has had those wings, ever since she was born.. and she has no idea what it is like to have a shadow. Maybe she is actually in a different reality, but somehow she shines right through all the laws of infinity. Maybe she was lost.. lost on purpose. There's a chance she was chasing someone.. or someone was chasing her!
Was she in danger? Was she an angel being chased by demons? She could have been the demon herself.
Or was she simply aimlessly roaming the streets of my city?

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