Monday, 15 February 2010

bird's song

Overwhelmed with the new ideas that had been just born that night i was lost. Lost once again in my thoughts. I pulled myself under my blanket with my eyes never moving away from the screen of the phone. I was waiting. Though i new that it was way to late for any sane person to be sending text messages. I still hoped. At first i even had a thought that i should text him, but no, i couldn't. No matter how much i wanted to contact him i refused to bring myself that low. That is just not how i function. It would be like a robbing a police station.
Could not sleep all night. Woke up with a cheap look at my phone. Nothing. Why could i just stop hoping? Who cares? Do i care? I suppose i do. I needed someone there to take the phone away from me, at least for a second.

I need a plan for next weekend for every minute. Ok, not minute, but every hour! So far it is pretty full. Except for saturday night. Let's go clubbing!

On another note.
I cleaned up my facebook applications. I deleted 241 applications from my list!! Yes, 241! Now i have just 16 out of which 7 are the ones you can't delete. So that is pretty good! ;D
I am very tired.

Good night my loves.

A very gorgeous and calm song: Gregory and the Hawk - Oats we Sow

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