Monday, 15 February 2010

I love You letter

My Dear,

Last night was no exception. The rapid love has fulfilled my heart ever since the day i saw your unforgettable eyes for the very first time. Your eyes looked into mine and chanted them with the magic of life. That day i found a reason to live. That day i found out what love is.

When ever i miss You i close my eyes and there You are. Your unique face that shines upon me when ever things go bad and when i lose the purpose to breath. I live for You. Every time i inhale it is You who helps to to exhale and inhale again. You are the engine of my heart.

I would see You every day. I would be there when things were too tough to take. I would hold Your hand and make You proud. I am who i am only because You exist. I remember those kisses. The ones that no other soul could ever imagine. Your lips brushing against mine. Like we were flying and the surface of the earth did not exist. Like a dream, that was too good to be true. Holding each other so tight as if our lives depended on that. Never will i let You go.

If there really is only one purpose in life then mine is to be with You. Mine is to stay with You with mountains of love when things are like dreams and when things get too hard. You are not the just another stop in my life. You are the bus that took me for the journey of life.

My life begun with the moment we met. Before i just was, i existed like a piece of dust in the big, wide world. But now i am. I feel the blood racing in my veins. I feel constant energy that will always have infinite sources.

You are my sun during the day and my darkness during the night. You always surround me as a warm coating that is there to stay forever.

I wanted to remind You how much i miss Your heart filling smile and how much i need to see You for at least one more time.

Always Yours, with more love then any human can comprehend.

P.S. I know i have mentioned it before, but just so You don't forget, I Love You.

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