Tuesday, 16 February 2010

"Valentine's Day", the movie

Aside form my extra busy schedule in school and everywhere else in life i managed to go to a movie. Not on a date, but with my friends. It was fairly pleasant since i don't get to see these people in everyday life. The movie was Valentine's Day. A cheesy, no, no, very cheesy movie. The plot was pretty empty and had a very weak theme/message. Pretty much none at all. The little things that got mentioned included the ideas that one must love not only the good things, but also the bad (not so good) things about their loved one. It also touched the idea that marrying a friend is a terrific plan. This is where they did not think it through. I disagree with this almost one hundred per cent. Why would anyone ruin the one thing they have for sure? I feel that that is wrong. One of my friends recently told me that he likes me, as in "has feelings" to me. I can only assure to you that that is not right.

Also, wanted to say a word about the Olympic games. It really (and i mean REALLY) pisses me off that Canadians think that they are THE BEST! They spend money on commercials such as (uh, personal "favourite"), a number of Canadian hockey players state that they are here for gold and that they will be disappointed if they do not get the first place. First, who the hell pays for that?? Second, guys, don't get your hopes too high up there, the world will have a nice laugh at you once you lose.

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