Monday, 24 May 2010

Haven't we all wanted to become dancers?

Long weekends are devastating. I am tired and I shouldn't be. It is Sunday. NO! Long past that; five and a half hours past that. I need to sleep. I hate that I am such a terrible procrastinator. I really do. I ate too much during the last two days and I decided to punish myself for that. I was cleaning the house for about six hours straight. I figured, OK, I need some exercise and I know that cleaning is a very good type of exercise since it allows to move different types of muscles. Aside from making myself my own slave (now I realize how dumb it sounds) I also drunk about six liters of tea. Sri Lanka tea. I love it and that really helped to me drink that much of it. It is Victoria day in Canada (hmmm, I don't think Quebec cares much about Victoria, will have to check that). So it is a national holiday, meaning all (fine, fine, almost all) the stores are closed and school is off, therefore we had a three day long weekend. Any other time I would be overwhelmed with joy, but for an unknown reason, this time I wish it was the regular two-days-off weekend.

I am a loser in every one of my worlds. Just had to say it, so it is said.

We teased a friend the other day, he mentioned that most male dancers are homosexuals, to which we had a sweet laugh at referring to the fact that a week earlier he told us that when he was a kid he wanted to be a dancer. I know You don't care. At all. But HEY, I DO! :P

Just to not get You confused, I am not suggesting that we all are homosexuals. The title of the post was for a totally different reason. I just put the anecdote in because it was a thing to laugh at, and I like laughter, since I don't have enough of it lately ever. The same dude told us that he gave up on his dream to become a dancer because his mom had told him that he would not be successful, (I don't remember, but something along those lines). This idea made and eruption in my mind. How many of us have given up on a dream because we were discouraged by someone whose opinion we valued? For some reason I feel like calling this kind of act as illegal and punishable by law. People need each other to survive through the rough days (that are ironically caused by other people), we need each other when everything seems lost and when we need a small push so we can keep on going.

How many people have the access to this kind of support?

How many of You know that YOU need to support someone as well?

P.S. I have to tell You that MuffinGoddess found the song of the day for the 19th of May. (It was You by Breaking Benjamin)

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