Thursday, 4 November 2010


I'd rather be wealthy and ugly than dumb and sexy, or sickly but wise. There are several reasons why i would make such a choice. First, it mentions nothing about intellect, so i am the one who determines that. And, besides, the more money i have, the more access to better education. Second reason is really obvious, why would i not take money? Even though people say that money can't buy happiness, it has been proved (sorry, i will not search for references) that to a certain extent money CAN bring happiness. So, show me the money. :P
Third, this one as well does not require lots of thinking. I'm ugly already, so it would make no difference to me. And now that i would be rich i could spend as much money as i want to fix my ugly teeth, and get plastic surgeries to fix anything else. (Ha, you all probably know my view on plastic surgeries (in case if you don't, i support such surgeries only if they are needed from the medic perspective, NOT if some celebrity hates her/his nose or old face), but you gotta admitt that it's a good point that i got there). So that's my choice and i'll have it stay as my choice.

Other than that...
Life in Scotland is going fine. Yes, i'm using this word for a reason, because in this context it has somewhat negative connotation. There have been some issues with me getting my time well spent, but i'm working on it, at some level. Ok, i hate complaining, so let's assume that i'm in a great mood, shall we!
Yesterday i walked into a sports store. I went in looking for running shoes. There were so many to choose from, and the prices as well had quite a variety. I was looking for dark, preferably black inexpensive shoes. I found ones that i really liked and i almost got them, but then i decided to wait for about two days. Maybe i will find something better, and i wanted to try them on with a decent sock (i had on the thin female sock at that time). Today i didn't have time to get there, since all stores here close up real early, but i'm thinking that i will buy them tomorrow or on Saturday.


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